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Love this jam! Listen to it all the time.

It's a nice little happy tune, the melodic line is really catchy. One thing I have to say is that the drum intro is a bit long, I think the synths can come in a bit sooner. I would also recommend compressing the drum samples for a more 'fuller' sound. Maybe also work on building up certain parts to get a sense of motion and direction in the piece.

AlejandroPiano responds:

These are good points. I felt the same about the drums yesterday when I relistened to it. Thank you!

I know this track is old and you aren't making music anymore so there's no point in leaving a detailed review, but I suppose it's more to show my appreciating than anything. <3

The first section has the classic OcularNebula vibe to it, with filtered white noise builds, layered melodic lines with pluck synths, similar drum timbre, and the portamento saw bass. I like how the drums and bass are introduced, first with the 'tap' kick, and then the bass and a more involved drumline after the first mini-build, I also really liked the drum at 0:30 that crescendos into the main drumline. I'm not sure about the transition at 1:28, I think something more unique would fit better here as it's a little too similar to all the others to warrant such a stark shift in theme. It also doesn't flow very well into 1:30. I would've preferred at least a shallow drum beat starting at 1:30 just to keep the rhythm, and maybe have it build up from 1:45 to 2:00, which it does already, but it's difficult to hear. The transition at 2:30 suffers the same problem as 1:28, just not having enough indication of the change in theme. It's also very sudden and kind of comes out of nowhere, though I do like how the drum attempts to bridge the gap by continuing into the fluid section. I think releasing the drum at the end was a good call, it 'deintensifies' the song as much as it can be at that point, and I really like those high piano notes at the end (I know they're also present at 1:28, but they're much quieter and don't quite fit there in my opinion).

Overall loved the chill vibe, really brought me back. Also loved the spooky stuff, not quite sure about the transitions between them though.

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